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Explore the Circumstance of Osaka Castle!

Osaka Castle is known as its greatest stone wall in Japan. Its overwhelming site draws our guests’ attentions. The guest was particularly interested in the unique design of the stone wall. He is reading an explanation of the remain of a residence. There was a residence of Osaka castle keepers in the Edo era.

Dotombori & Tennoji

There are lots of unique places in Osaka.  Good place to find something exciting and fun.   Whether you are a big fan of  thrilling experiences or not, Tutenkaku Tower or Reaching Heaven Tower affords  you a fantastic view over the city of Osaka.   Open air sky walk is for adventurers.    Meeting a […]

A big family with a big smile from the Philippines

Day 1 :Osaka They had vivid red colored matching jackets made for this tour, which were cool and symbolizing their happiness.  Thank you for spending your special holidays with us in Japan.    Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN & Aqua Bus “Aqua-Liner”   Day 2: Nara & Kyoto Morning rain stopped by noon and added […]

Himeji Castle & Maiko Marine Promenade 

The impressive figure of the castle looks like a white egret in flight. It is a building of unparalleled beauty. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: the world longest suspension bridge Thank you for visiting Himeji from Australia.